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Holding Your Hand While You Find Your Feet

“I was confident in working with you Cema, due to the excellent reviews and testimonials past clients have written about you. I was unsure about the 'process' of the work we would be undertaking. Only because it was new to me, I did not know anyone personally who had worked with you previously and there was the uncertainty of the unknown.

I really needed to overcome my anxiety and felt determined to make it happen. So glad I did! And I have noticed a change in me. Everyday, I notice things I am doing differently than I used to, before we started our sessions. I am able to reflect on events of the day, with no associated negative feelings (guilt, regret, shame etc) when I responded or acted in situations. This tells me that I am taking a moment and looking from the outside in to learn or change the situation. Rather than being reactive and adding to any conflict or negativity.


I would especially recommend your services to anyone who acknowledges they want to make a positive change within themselves”


"When I first went to see Cema I looked like I was doing okay, but underneath I was struggling. My home life was chaotic, I was losing my temper easily, I was clashing with my eldest son, and I was struggling to fit everything into the day. I was tired, short-tempered, stressed and anxious. Cema immediately identified my issues and calmly, patiently and sensitively dealt with them one by one using timeline therapy.


We had four sessions together and in that time she has transformed my life completely. I am calmer, more understanding, better organised and more positive than ever before. Cema taught me how to cope with the day-to-day and how to achieve my life goals. I have not stopped smiling since I met Cema; I even stand taller.


I am now training to become a fitness instructor, writing a book, and being the best mum I can be to my three children. Cema is wonderful, and thanks to her, my life is too."  


“If you have watched the movie Inside Out, it is a good picture of how I see the results of Cema's awesome work. Understand your core values and emotions, what created them, what feeds them and what is attached to them.


Comprehend the possibility of breaking them down and building brand new, stronger ones, and your ability to do it.

Cema can show you all the technicalities of this process, guide you through it, enlighten and clearly explain how it is done and the benefits you can get. 

You are yet to learn the benefits of truly loving yourself, understanding what it means to love your self and how much in your life can change with this simple act of self-love. If you think this is a cliche phrase, you should absolutely try out Cema's Detox your Mind program.

I will be ever so grateful for the opportunity of working with Cema.


The lessons I will take to life on how I communicate, how I feel about myself, how I operate and how I have the power control all of that, are only a small part of what I can put in words about the results I had through my journey with Cema and her Detox your Mind program.”


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