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Are you OK?

Today I am feeling OK!

No, wait a minute, I am feeling fantastic!I had times in my life where I was not OK, and I was ashamed to share my not OK moments. Moments where things seemed to be always out of context, so difficult, so unreal.It took me a long time to find ways how to overcome those not OK moments. Mainly because I had no courage to admit that things were not OK and I would not give a chance to myself to find the meaning of "BE OK." Also, I would do everything to avoid confronting the real change that I had to do to be who I wanted to be, to be OK.

Today, I feel more than OK; I feel great, I feel amazing, powerful and unstoppable as I never felt before, at least the way that I used to feel for a long time!

From all learnings that I've got through my journey, the number one is: If you want to feel more than OK, you must decide that you want it, do it, mean it! It's the power of decision, even when the decision moves you to a different direction.

Scary? Oh holy yeah! Then “open the door to your mind before opening the door to the world" and find ways that will help you to meet your real SELF!


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