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Holding Your Hand While You Find Your Feet

This program helps you regain control of your body, releasing the pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance, and distress caused by acute or chronic pain and it is based on scientific evidence.

The scientific literature recognises that any pain that persists for longer than six months is referred to as chronic pain (Keefe, 1982). Unrelieved chronic pain is debilitating and can cause serious physical limitations and mental distress. Several studies have shown that hypnosis can be an alternative to acute and chronic pain, reducing not only the pain itself but also the costs associated with medical procedures, including surgical procedures (Lang et al., 2000).

Among many applications, hypnosis has been used in many hospitals during surgical procedures, treatment of burns, childbirth, and dental surgeries. Other types of pain as fibromyalgia, migraine, carcinoma-related pain, neuropathy, etc can be reduced-controlled with hypnosis.

Woman in Pain
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