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A Guide to Your New Life

Online and In-person therapy sessions


I am Cema Santos, a citizen of the world, an immigrant and, like many other immigrants, I have gone through the emotional migration rollercoaster so many times in my life.


I am a third generation of migrants (yes, my grandparents and my parents were migrants in different eras). Throughout my entire life, I have migrated both internally and externally and most of the time bringing along just one suitcase.  I am now living in Perth, Australia which I call my paradise.


I’ve been a very active community member, and I have been involved in several ethnic group activities. I am also a co-founder of the Brazilian Association in Western Australia.


My experiences of living in so many different places plus my work experience researching occupational health in immigrants in Australia, allied to mentorship to international postgraduate students, and of course my own personal history where I went through very dark moments (suffering from depression, fibromyalgia, anxiety, shame, guilty, fear, homesick) made me to be who I am now.


Through my experiences, I’ve developed a special interest in the important role our minds play in our life experiences, leading us to behave similarly when we experience events in different circumstances without noticing them. This passion for a conscious mind and a healthy life brought me to the work I love most – helping people to overcome their obstacles to create the life they want, master their high desires and prosper in their lives. 


Along with my clinical hypnotherapy sessions, I've also designed therapeutic & education programs to help you to master your life such as:


Moving Away from that Pain -  this program helps you regain control of your body, releasing the pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance, and distress caused by chronic pain.

Keep Moving Forward – Emotional Support for Immigrants  - where I support other immigrants, just like myself, to be emotionally healthy wherever they are in the world.

 Detox Your Mind, Transform Your Life -  you’ll learn about acceptance and how to exert your power of choice over whatever you may come across in your life. 


Cultivating health, resilience, success, and happiness through emotional and behavioural education!


Please, be my guest!

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